These three infographics visualize particularly text-heavy topics in a series of 20 medical infographics designed for Nerdcore Medical. The first design lists common side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. I decided to arrange the side effects by symptom rather than drug, since drugs can have multiple effects. 
The design started out as a very simple layout that arranged each symptom near related topics. Next, I designed the "London Underground" style transit lines connecting each entry. The central diagrams were illustrated in Photoshop, and we used the official P22 Underground font for the project.
The second infographic explains common statistical terms for medical students. For this project we needed to make a list of relatively unrelated vocabulary words visually interesting. We decided to separate all of the words into three overarching categories of increasing complexity, and use a city-suburb-farm visual metaphor to emphasize the complexity of each category.
Finally, I designed a diagram of different psychiatric disorders inspired by the period table. My initial sketch included more decorative backgrounds and titles, but I revised the design after realizing that I would need to include much more text than I originally anticipated.
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